When Your Pet Is In Pain: Treatment Options To Reduce Inflammation And Pain

Posted on: 8 September 2016

When you own a pet, you know when your pet is feeling some pain. Whether the pain is due to acute inflammation or your pet is suffering from a chronic condition such as arthritis, there are treatment options available to help. If you notice that your pet is no longer willing or able to participate in activities they used to enjoy, it's time to meet with your veterinarian and discuss possible solutions.

Laser Therapy Treats Inflammation

The use of laser therapy for the reduction of inflammation has been used on both humans and pets with great success. The laser targets the inflammation on a cellular level, giving the body a chance to use its own healing abilities. Treatments only take a few minutes, and the effects can be felt almost immediately. It's a non-invasive treatment, and you may notice an increase in your pet's activity at home after only one session. When inflammation is reduced, pain is also decreased, and your pet will be able to move without pain once again. Talk to a vet who is familiar with veterinary lasers for additional information.

Medications Can Be Used to Treat Pain and Inflammation

If your pet is suffering from arthritis or another chronic, painful condition, your veterinarian may prescribe medication for your pet. There are several types of medications that might be used, including pain killers, analgesics, and NSAIDs. Talk with your veterinarian about your choices, as each type of medication comes with its own set of side effects. If you have an elderly pet, the benefits of such medications will likely outweigh the potential side effects.

Acupuncture Is Effective at Reducing Pain

Acupuncture is useful for many people who suffer with chronic pain, and this goes the same for your pet. If you don't want to try prescription medications, you can try acupuncture first to see if your pet's activity level increases. Your veterinarian may offer this service, or you will have to look for an acupuncturist who treats pets as well as humans.

Try Some Gentle Massage

Everyone feels better after a good massage, and your pet will too. When you are sitting with your pet, give them a massage at the same time. There's no need to press too hard, as you are just trying to get the blood flowing. A good massage can help reduce pain levels and increase mobility. You can help your pet that is struggling with chronic pain with some hands on therapy and some extra attention.