Shine A Light On Your Dog's Pain

Posted on: 30 August 2016

Does your dog experience occasional discomfort when standing up? Does your dog's gait change after long walks or play sessions? Pain in dogs is often caused by arthritis, an inflammation of the joints that can get worse as pets age. Arthritis pain in dogs is sometimes treated with medication or even surgery, but there is another option that is becoming more popular. Ask your dog's veterinarian about the possibility of cold laser therapy in treating arthritis pain. 

The Power of Light

Cold laser therapy is also called Class IV laser therapy that involves focusing a light on the dog's skin. While a stronger, hot laser reaches deeper into the dog's body, there is a risk of injuring the dog. Cold laser therapy is much gentler, less invasive, and even calming to the dog. 

The light from the cold laser causes the dog's blood to circulate more freely and encourages the regeneration of cells. This calms the arthritic inflammation and relieves the pain. 

The Treatment

Most cold laser therapy sessions last about twenty minutes, and you will typically be able to hold your dog during the treatment. The veterinarian will focus a light onto the area that is irritated, and many pet owners see immediate results. Sometimes the treatment also includes shining a light on the brain, which calms and soothes the dog. 

The treatment is usually repeated several times each week, depending on the severity of the arthritis and the impact of the pain. 

The Side Effects

Medication can cause all kinds of issues in dogs, and daily medication can weaken kidneys. Laser treatment, however, has no side effects. It simply stops the pain and helps the cells heal themselves. 

The Cost

It may be difficult to find a veterinarian who uses cold laser therapy because the equipment is very expensive. To help owners with the cost of treatments, many vets will offer weekly or monthly rates rather than charging more for each session. 

Some pet insurance plans will cover the cost of cold laser therapy because it eliminates the need for medication. 

The Preparation

Before your dog can begin cold laser therapy, you will need to have the vet complete a well animal check-up. This is to be sure that there are not other factors contributing to the problem and that the pain is not caused by an unknown source like cancer. 

No one wants to see a canine companion in pain.Cold laser therapy can eliminate the need for uncomfortable surgical procedures and can allow pets to live a pain free life.