Four Ways To Keep Your Indoor Cat At A Healthy Weight

Posted on: 23 August 2016

If you have an indoor cat, they might have a more relaxing lifestyle than they would if they lived outside. The thing is, indoor cats have a longer lifespan without all of the potential dangers the outdoors can bring, but they might pack on the pounds. As a responsible pet owner, you need to ensure that your pet keeps slim, even if they enjoy an indoor lifestyle. Here are four ways that you can help your cat maintain a healthy weight as an indoor pet.

1. Set Up Regular Playtime

Keeping your cat healthy and alert is something that will fall on you as their owner. Set up one or two times a day that are designated as playtime. This will get your cat moving more than just relying on them to entertain themselves or play with toys on their own would. Your cat might be out of practice, so keep at it and introduce new toys that they might have a preference for over others.

2. Two Cats Are Better Than One

Above and beyond playtime with your cat, if you can bring in a companion for them, this will keep them on their toes and hopefully keep them feeling and acting younger. Even if cats aren't running the halls together right away, this will keep both cats more alert and less prone to boredom when they are home alone, keeping your cats from weight gain.

3. Specialized Food

While you might not be thrilled with the idea of spending a little more on cat food, this might be worth it for your cat's health. Diet food or quality food from the vet's office often has less filler, so your cat actually will eat less of this as well. It is important to run your cat's diet by your veterinarian to see if they have suggestions when it comes to pet nutrition or if serving sizes should be augmented.

4. Routine Checkups

If your cat has recently gained weight, there might be other underlying health issues going on that your vet can diagnose and treat. There are ailments such as diabetes or intestinal diseases that might contribute to rapid weight gain. The good news is, many times your vet can help your cat with medications on top of their routine and diet to make sure they are healthier overall.

While it can be a slippery slope when it comes to indoor cats and weight gain, if you can keep with good habits and pet nutrition, your cat will live a longer, healthier life. Keeping up with exercise and diet before weight becomes a problem is far easier than helping your cat slim down. Try your best to keep an eye on your pet's waistline from day one.

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