Notice Your Cat Has Been Sneezing Often? 3 Reasons To Visit A Vet

Posted on: 2 August 2016

If you've noticed that your cat has been sneezing more often than usual, it's important that you don't just write it off and skip getting medical treatment that can be necessary for them to recover quickly. If you're unsure of how a vet visit can be helpful, consider some of the following problems that can be the cause and how a vet can help.

Respiratory Infections

One of the most common signs that your cat has a health problem and needs to be treated by a professional is a respiratory infection. A common reason your cat can be sneezing often is due to respiratory infection is just getting started. If you're worried about your cat sneezing more often than usual, it's important that you bring your cat to a vet so that they can get the medicine they need to recover quickly.

Since respiratory infections can typically also come with watery eyes and discharge from their nose, you'll want to take a look to see if your cat has any other signs of an infection. With the idea that your cat may have this sickness, it can encourage you to visit the vet sooner and get the medical help they need.


Allergies can show up in a cat at any age, making it a good idea to bring your cat to a vet for an exam if you notice they've been sneezing a lot lately. Allergies could be as a result of some kind of material in your home, such as the fabric on your new sofa or plants that you've brought inside.

Another culprit of allergies is a new food, making it important that you take care of switching to an allergy-friendly cat food if you suspect this to be the case. Before making any big decisions regarding allergies, however, you'll need to visit the vet so that they can give your cat a proper diagnosis and find out what kinds of allergies they could potentially be suffering from.

Dental Issues

A less often diagnosed reason why your cat could be sneezing often is due to dental issues that have gone on untreated. If your cat's dental health isn't very good, it could lead to a number of health problems, including sneezing. While taking a look at your cat's teeth can be a good way to determine what kind of condition they're in, a proper exam is going to be the best option.

Visiting a vet, like Canine Center, when your cat has been sneezing is a good idea since it can help ensure that your cat doesn't have a major health problem that could lead to further problems in the future.