3 Tips for Adopting a Dog That Has a Child-Safe Temperament

Posted on: 22 July 2015

Adopting a dog can be a wonderful way to add a new addition to your family while providing a great home for a pet that is in need of one. However, one thing that you might be worried about is adopting a dog that might not do well with your child. Some dogs that are available for adoption don't have the best of temperaments, but this doesn't mean that you should rule out this option. Instead, follow these tips to help ensure that you adopt a pet that will get along well with your child.

1. Research Breeds Carefully

First of all, you should do your research about the breeds of dogs that are known for getting along well with kids. Some breeds have more patient and gentle temperaments than others, which means that some types of dogs are more family-friendly. Although there are a lot of mixed breed dogs out there that are available for adoption, there are also plenty of purebreds as well. By looking for a dog from a breed that is known for being family-friendly, you can help reduce the chances of bringing home a dog that won't get along well with your little one.

2. Choose the Right Age Group

You can usually find dogs for adoption that are of all different ages. You may want to avoid bringing home a puppy, since puppies can be more fragile. Plus, training a puppy while taking care of a child can be tough! Older dogs might not be as patient as younger dogs, however, and could be more likely to snap and bite. Many people find that a young adult dog provides a happy medium for families with children. They're fully grown, so they aren't as fragile, but they are young enough to be active.

3. Consider Adopting from a Foster Home

It's hard to tell what type of temperament a dog has when it's living in a cage at a shelter. If you adopt from a foster home, however, you will be adopting a dog that has been living with the foster caretaker's family. This means that you can ask questions and get more accurate answer about how well the dog does around children, other pets, and even adults. Many foster caretakers also work with foster dogs with their training and help them to overcome any behavioral issues that they might have developed while they were with their previous owners.

Adopting a dog can be a great thing for your whole family. To make sure that you choose a furry friend that will do well with your child, follow these three tips. For more information about pet adoptions, talk to a professional like Pilot Knob Animal Hospital.